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Where can I find my rollover requirement?

Apr, 4 30 2
You can see your available bonuses, original reinvestment requirements and your progress against them by clicking on "Bonuses" in the vertical navigation on the casino page.
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How to reset your password

Jan, 1 22 2
If you have forgotten your password, you can quickly reset it. 1 .Click the login link at the top of the website, followed by the "Forgot your password?  2. Enter the email associated with your InstaBET account and click the reset password button. 3.  An email with a link to reset your password w...
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How to create an account?

Feb, 2 23 2
Creating an InstaBET account is very simple. Click on the registration link at the top of the  website and fill out the forms to register in just a minute. Remember to enter your phone number so that we can verify your account, so the payment process will be faster.
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Can I use the same account to join the casino and the sports website?

Apr, 4 37 2
Yes, the same account will have access to the entire InstaBET website.
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How can I change my email or phone number?

Apr, 4 22 2
In order to update your profile, please contact customer service through our free phone line, live chat or by email.
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